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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and here is what we do know. you're going to be looking at video officials say a person was walking behind the building and the vocational studies center this morning. a large piece of equipment, a front loader backed into that person. the area is under construction and the front loader filled with a load of dirt. the driver hit the pedestrian. that officials not releasing a lot of information ask won't say if the victim was male, female a student or a visitor but they do say this incident has shaken their community. >> nudging is more important to us. than tiivl safety and well beig of our students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus. this was a tragic accident. >> the driver works for preston pipelines a company
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that is handling that project. the driver worked as an operating engineer 35 years. classes are not in session so students are still hear registering and there are a lot of people on campus today. right now, san jose police and cal osha are investigating. live in san jose, abc 7 news. a plea from family of a 1-year-old boy and father who were killed in oakland2bnç last week. the 20-year-old and his son fwhr a bedroom of a home. someone fired into the building. they were visiting from fresno today family members called for peace urging friends not to retaliate with violence. they asked anyone with
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information to contact oakland police immediately. a plea from the family of a 1-year-old boy and his father killed in oakland last week. the 20-year-old and his son were in a bedroom of a home when they were killed. now, we move on a man arrested last night has led fleece his girlfriend's dead body. police found the woman stabbed to death investigators say the statements made in jail led them to make this discovery. they say the 47-year-old lived with the district. murder. >> and the 10-year-old boy attacked by a pit bull set to undergo more surgery tomorrow to perform skin grafts. his mother says the boy was awake and feeling sick.
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he was hauled sunday morning. the dog has been quarantined fr a week and a fund has been established by a friend to raise raise money for medical costs. >> tonight a striking worker picketed outside city hall and hurt when struck by a vehicle. we'll have the story as we continue and there is a chance, just a chance of new bay bridge will open on time over labor day. abc 7 news is live in oakland tonight with the latest. wayne? >> labor day is a possibility. a possibility. we won't know until a meeting here on thursday. a public meeting as they say. let's show you video at the
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root of this, as you said those bolts that forced engineers to postpone that opening changed yesterday after a letter from u.s. department of transportation suggesting a temporary fix, those shims would render the bridge safe enough to open for traffic. so what is the date? labor day? all we know is that it's tied to temporary fix here is randy wrenchler just moments ago. >> i think the important thing is that it's going to be earlier than december 10th but the decision made about which weekend has been has not been made. the issue if you get it labor day that is a short notice. lives are we affect something.
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>> so that would be a little indication of what is going on. 24 years began the process. there is an end in site. it's over the horizon at this point. as of now the committee says they're going keep it fairly modest. the key, they say is getting this bridge open sooner than later. the new bay bridge safer than the one traffic is going over. >> the this moment. >> thank you very much. tonight at 8:00 cal fran plans to switch on lights on the new eastern plan of the bay bridge. this is video of cruise testing inz7 rep raigs for the official lighting event.
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>> police confirm they have found the body of sandra coke. her body was not identified until today abc 7 news joins us now from oakland police headquarters. there are a lot of unanswered questions. mark? >> there are. sandra coke worked as an investigator in sacramento. she worked on behalf of people who ha#j9v been convicted of crimes. in fact one old boyfriend who with a long criminal history is now being identified as a person of interest in the investigation. >> the coroner identified the woman as sandra coke and will not be releasing information other than identification. >> she told her 15-year-old daughter she was go together drug store, then to talk with someone calling about
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information on her missing fog. family and neighbors put up missing poster her daughter reportedly used my find my phone application to look for her mother's cell phone. signals led teams to this area near lagoon valley park. they found the body friday near an interstate 85 onramp. police are questioning the former are boyfriend who dated coke years ago. he has a long criminal history. police are being careful not to call him a suspect. >> randy is considered a person of interest, only. >> patricia williams carried flowers to coke's front door. >> just a wonderful neighbor. nice, friendly. and she seemed to care a lot for her daughter. >> other neighbors feeling the
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same. >> couldn't ask for a better neighbor. >> police say they understand there are lots of questions about alan skpa. his hist wri sandra coke. and was that the last person to see her alive? >> the family released a say hg in part the coke family is devastated and all of us will miss her butteful and giving spirit. >> now a striking worker ticketing outside city hall was hit by a vehicle. the worker near the entrans trance of a parking garage. a driver ran into him. workers began a three day strike and members say the worker was not trying to block the vehicle. >> this man just, had no
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intentions on stopping. he slowed down, yeah, but did not stop and ran into one of our guys. >> police are investigating as an accident. worker was treated for minor injuries. officials declared an impass during negotiation autos still to come state lawmakers getting an ear frfl hollywood stars today. >> which give us our rights back so we can protect our children. >> what some of the biggest names want them to do to stop the paparazzi from praig on their children. >> second day of rising temperatures. could we do it again tomorrow? i'll let you know coming up. >> plurks how do you use hulu or net flix? which
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this puppy was fighting to stay alive in the middle of san francisco bay. wind surfers spotted the lost dog over a quarter mile off the berkeley pier. a man found an inflatable boat, hauled the dog in and took it home. the dog is doing fine now, but it's still a mystery how it got into the water and who the owner is. >> cal football player released after suffering an injury yesterday that looked terrible at the time. it happened during a first full contact scrimmage. he made a hit and did not get
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up. in fact he was on the ground about 15 minutes not moving. emotional testimony in sacramento from a one time child actor revealed she was the victim of sex abuse. she appeared before assembly public safety committee to speak about the abuse she suffered as a child. she played nellie olsen in 19 70s series "little house on the prairie" she's trying to get lawmakers to pass a bill raising the maximum penalty foremost agreejis child pornographyo17k offenders saying she does not want child victims to go through what she endured. >> in the only they had to suffer being sexually abused as a child but spend their lives knowing that it's going on again, and again and again. >> it would increase prison
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time and fines for anyone caught with more than 600 images of child pornography. >> state lawmakers are pushing for more restrictions on the tabloid media halle berry supporting a bill to extend definition of harassment, now found another celebrity mom to join the cause. a proposal to put more restrictions on the paparazzi is gaining row moe meant number. actress halle beary brought along;c fellow celebrity mom jennifer garner. both putting star power behind the measure to curtail the aggressive pee behavior. >> i don't want a gang of shouting arguing law breaking photographer who's camp out where we are to continue
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traumatizing by kids. >> the paparazzi would say how do you feel now? you might not see your father again. how do you feel about that? inappropriate. >> state senator's bill would allow civil cases in cases where children are harassed but several media outlets oppose the bill saying the measure is too broad and hinders journalist. >> vague language did not only apply to paparazzi but to legitimate mitt news gathering and a member of the public. fwhin a phone, camera phone or recording device. >> pointing out legislature passed laws to crack down on the paparazzi and none worked. still, these famous parents want lawmakers to step in. >> the price paid for pictures of celebrity children is high
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them have a bounty on their heads every day. >> what this bill would do is give us our rights back so we can protect our children. >> in a rare show of bipartisan support the assembly committee passed the rye strixs. only a couple more arrivallals now before it heads to the december ook a state bill giving parental rights to certain sperm donors is now on hold. a panel voted to keep the bill in committee. the measure parked -- sparked by a custody dispute. under law unless parties make an agreement in vants mother is the sole legal parent. patrick says he hasn't seen his son in 25 week autos it's just not that little boy its him wondering what happened to his dad 25 weeks ago.
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>> opponents say it's too broad and could affect couple who's use sperm donors. >> skm the way we enjoy our favorite cheese from wisconsin and the best streaming devices out there. and michael finney is here with the story. >> we know more of us are watching video delivered to the tv through the internet. you can access with a blue ray player, smart tv or a set top streaming media box. consumer reports tested a dozen set top boxes looking for the best one. like many people eileen enjoys streaming content to her television you take it and watch it anyway you want. >> one way to stream is with the set top box. consumer reports tested 11
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ones including apple tv and roku 3. they cost $50 to 100s skpdz testers found big differences and how easy to set up and use. >> when connecting to wi-fi some make it easier offering wps push button option. all have you to do is push to connect ton  wireless network. >> devices set up in this lab to evaluate how well they deliver content. when it comes to features some are lacking. >> some boxes give you access to a lot more services like net flix, and hulu. others are limited some allow to you add personal content like home movies music and photos from your cell phone, tab blet and home pc. >> consumer reports found you zront to spend top dollar to get top performance. the western digital wdtv play was the highest rated and cost
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just features and a usb port to access personal media files like home movies. now there is also new google chrome cast. it costs just $35 and will stream through your lap top or mobile device to tv. but until the chrome cast adds more services consumer reports says it can't compete with a set top box. $35 all that stuff and they're not sure. >>
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>> sandhya patel keeping an eye on warm weather out there, which we needx÷6y÷ its warming a good bit. >> it is. temperatures up from 2 to three degrees compared to here it's mild. i'm surround by sunshine. best part about this is i get paid to bask in the sun.
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right now, most of the bay area in the clear just a silver of fog along the coastline there. but that is not anything compared to the previous days we had a little bit more fog and low clouds. you can see a beautiful view of san francisco. san francisco 54 now. check out golden gate bridge. it's blue skies overhead. 86 in nef vatto mid-90s fairfield. looking at the view here are the highs so far. santa rosa, 91. check out livermore. 87 in redwood city and san jose. east bay hills camera, you can
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see a bit of hazy sunshine there. here is a look at the forecast. patchy coastal low clouds another warm day tomorrow. and it's going to be a little bit cooler are by the end of the week. but for the time being here is a look at imagery we have a cool pool of air northwest. mild to warm conditions today we're going do it again wednesday. tomorrow morning mainly clear so mild start. you can leave your jacket or sweater hinld. patchy low clouds, quick clearing. sunny skies early meaning temperatures back up into 90s again, inland. something for everyone. sunshine and los gatos 90 degrees is beach weather. santa cruz up to 80 degrees.
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half moon bay, 67 degrees beautiful time of the year. low 70s downtown. south city. 66 in the sunset district. north bay 60s coastside making it up to mid-90s. east bay communities back into mild territories again. 95 brentwood. a look at the accu-weather forecast you can see temperatures coming down on thursday but not by much. it's friday when low clouds become more wide spread. saturday, low 60s coast and a reversal by sunday. mid-90s inland. mid-60s coast. summer beat back and here to stay. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center i'm
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sandhya patel. dan, cheryl, i wish you can join me here. >> hold a spot. we'll be there. >> thank you. >> and still ahead did you loose something at outside lands music festival? you can retrieve items but better hurry. >> and helped preserve american wilderness. the strife a effort to preserve east bay
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san francisco police made a big bust of drugs. >> confiscating ecstasy with a street value of $1.5 million. >> including 30,000 pills and 30,000s ndz cash. this happened sunday morning after officers responded to a call about a break in an apartment on mission and 29th street. >> the 31-year-old steven terrell and 36-year-old were arrested.
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>> investigators believe they may have been headed to outside lands music festival. >> organizers are still allowing foam come by the bill gram civic center are auditorium. a list and pictures are available online. so go get your stuff if you left tlit. >> we have more are ahead. >> coming up here a bay area top cop gets the spotlight on one of san francisco's famous
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coming up at 6:00 unprovoked attack of a well known bay area muse yismgs tonight the demand that they're making to local authorities. >> michael finney listen owed
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a number of smart phone lefts and why a victim says apple isn't enough to help. >> we're going to explain why malibu grand prix is closing down after 35 years in president. >> those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> a special honor for san mateo police chief. >> today a picture was unveiled at john's grill. you know the restaurant has hung photos of note worthy officials. >> more than 100 pictures now grace the walls. >> congratulations to her. working on it. >> thanks for joining us.
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this is "world news." tonight, direct hit. the breaking news that the u.s. took out key terror leaders. men behind that worldwide threat. driving the rapids, cars swallowed by water, drivers floating to shore. a lot of the nation in a flood emergency. a mother's plea against paparazzi. actress jennifer garner in tears today. >> i don't want a game of shouting, law-breaking photographers to continue traumatizing my kids. >> and real money, we find this family $6,000 for their dream home in just minutes. and a good evening to you, and we begin with the breaking news.


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